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Every year we coordinate the creation and distribution of  Holiday Gift Bags for the veterans who are in-patient at Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee and in-residence at Vets Place Central and Boudicca House.

We fill over 400 gift bags with lots of fun goodies - playing cards from Potawatomi Casino, mini-bags of Jelly Bellys, puzzle books, pens, pencils, pads of paper, candy canes, chocolate and other edibles, plus free mp3s from Warrior Songs and Liquid Mind, and other items donated by caring civilians and organizations. Volunteers can help solicit items for the bags, help fill the bags in early December and then distribute the bags on Christmas Eve morning.

Please consider joining us! 

For Operation Grateful Giving 2023 we were once again able to personally deliver bags on Christmas Eve. We distributed 200 bags to the veterans and nurses stations. The rest of the bags were delivered to Boudicca House and Vets Place Central. We recorded  this video after we stuffed the bags. We included it here so you can see our personal holiday greeting and thank you to our veterans.

Many thank you's to the organizations that support this event:

  • American Legion Post 18

  • Rolling Thunder Chapter 2

  • Potawatomi

  • Jelly Belly

  • Rogers Behavioral Health

  • Chuck Wild -

  • Jason Moon -

  • and all of the individual donors of goodies, time and love!!!

2024 Operation Grateful Giving

We will be stuffing bags on 12/23/2024. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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