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The Retreats for All Veterans is designed to give participants an extended experience, from Friday evening through Sunday evening. This program is not a residential retreat. Participants will return home each evening (unless they have traveled from a distance, in which case we will help to provide lodging for the weekend). The continuity of the three day program allows for a deeper experience of connection and emotional safety.

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Healing Warrior Hearts retreats include activities for:

  • getting to know your fellow participants

  • sharing your experiences - at whatever level you are ready to do so

  • learning how the brain, body and emotions work together

  • envisioning a positive future


Plus, you will receive an "Emotional Well-Being Tool Kit" that provides skills for daily living and better relationships.

Veterans will experience a community of support from fellow vets as well as civilians, people committed and willing to listen to the vets' stories with compassion and confidentiality and without judgment.


See our brochure for more details on HWH retreats. For more details about the weekend program, see our FAQ's page.

We also offer retreats dedicated to working with Military Sexual Trauma, for men and women, as well as a retreat for LGBTQ+ veterans and a special retreat for military couples.

Support group
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The Starfish Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is the sponsor of Healing Warrior Hearts, offering the programs at no cost to military veterans and their families.

Veterans can attend this weekend retreat at no cost. However, we are not able to provide air transportation. If a veteran is from Wisconsin, we will do all we can to help find transportation to the camp location. We will also help coordinate transportation from Milwaukee, Madison or Green Bay airports to the camp.

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Please note that our registration portal and database is handled by the Center for Creative Learning. The Registration Portal button above will take you to the page for Healing Warrior Hearts retreats.

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