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Staff for the retreats are vetted carefully, for their interest in working with veterans, their familiarity with emotional healing work and their ability to provide a non-judgmental, safe environment for the veterans to tell their stories. In addition to attendance for the whole weekend, staffing also requires presence at a training meeting during the day on Friday.

Professionals and peer counselors working with veterans are welcome to attend as staff to experience the program so they can confidently make referrals to retreats.

Civilians are also welcome as staff, as community acceptance and support

is integral to the healing process.

Community members attend the graduations of the retreats, on Sunday afternoon at 5:00 pm. Snacks for the grads during the weekend (desserts, fruit, etc)  and special treats for the veterans and the guests at graduation are always appreciated. Help with clean-up after the graduation is another way that people can help with the retreats if they are unable staff a full weekend retreat.

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