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Healing Warrior Hearts Programs guide the wounded to the peace that heals and strengthens their hearts. The gathering of community, unconditional love and the absence of judgment create the safety required for healing to occur.


Military personnel, veterans and families come together with civilians in retreats and other events to tell their stories and heal their hearts.

These programs are designed, led and staffed by experienced, committed and spirit-inspired individuals.

Weekend Retreat

Designed to give participants an extended experience, from Friday evening through Sunday evening, this program is not a residential retreat. Participants will return home each evening (unless they have traveled from a distance, in which case we will help to provide lodging for the weekend). The continuity of the three day program allows for a deeper experience of connection and emotional safety.

Veterans will experience a community of support from fellow vets as well as civilians, people committed and willing to listen to the vets' stories with compassion and confidentiality and without judgment.

For more details about the weekend program, please call our offices and we will gladly answer your questions and assist you with registration.

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Couples retreat


This special version of the Healing Warrior Hearts program is designed for couples. One partner must be a veteran to qualify to attend the retreat.

Participants will learn about the effects of trauma and better understand the role that Post Traumatic Stress can play in behaviors and communications that strain relationships. They will leave with tools to compassionately manage within the relationship, build more intimacy and create a deeper bond. Partners experience relief that they are not alone in their challenges and find caring friends who support them in navigating the sometimes rough waters of their relationship.

Couples often form deep connections with other couples and continue their friendships long past the weekend of the retreat. Many also come back to staff future retreats and share their successes and challenges to encourage the new participants.

For more information about the Couples weekend, please call our offices (414) 374-5433.


Couples retreats are held once a year, in February in Houston, TX and in October in Oshkosh, WI.

Register Now for the Healing Warrior Hearts Couples Weekend.

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