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Peer Support Zoom meetings

Open to any veterans

Tuesday evenings - 7pm CDT

Saturday afternoons - 1pm CDT

These are not therapy groups. They are opportunities for conversations about the challenges of COVID 19 circumstances and how they may be affecting you. 
Ground rules for the groups:
- Share your feelings or your circumstance
- No advice-giving or therapy
- Respectful listening to each other
- Suggesting resources is helpful - ask permission first
- Share successes and encouragement
- Respect others' beliefs - while there are a few minutes of "religious" information in the Tuesday evening videos,
these conversations are non-denominational.
We use the Reboot Recovery Crisis videos in the Tuesday evening sessions - you can learn more about them at this link:
5/26/2020  What happens next?
6/2  Coping with the Anxiety of Uncertainty
6/9  Moving Forward in Uncertainty
6/16  The Recovery Process
6/23  Helping Others Heal
The series starts over again on 6/30
Email us to get the link for the Zoom meeting

Get In Touch

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